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Download PhilMRiot - Akhenaten And The Zenit Bird (Lathe Cut)


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  1. Akinotaxe says:
    Nov 22,  · Much ink has been spilled in analyzing the probable motives behind Akhenaten’s abandonment of the royal capital Thebes in Regnal Year 5. Many theories have been proposed towards this end: the monarch’s revulsion of the growing power of the Amun priesthood; a true calling that led him out into the deserts of Middle Egypt to establish Akhetaten in honor of the solar deity, the Aten; the Author: Anand Balaji.
  2. Mikazragore says:
    Akhenaten (pronounced / ˌ æ k ə ˈ n ɑː t ən /), also spelled Echnaton, Akhenaton, Ikhnaton, and Khuenaten (Ancient Egyptian: ꜣḫ-n-jtn, meaning "Effective for the Aten"), was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh reigning c. – or – BC, the tenth ruler of the Eighteenth the fifth year of his reign, he was known as Amenhotep IV (Ancient Egyptian: jmn-ḥtp Consort: Nefertiti, Kiya, An unidentified sister-wife .
  3. Femuro says:
    Akhenaten, also known as Amenhotep IV, was king of Egypt during the Eighteenth Dynasty and reigned from to B.C. E. Called the "religious revolutionary," he is the earliest known creator of a new religion. The cult he founded broke with Egypt's traditional polytheism and focused its worship on a single deity, the sun god by:
  4. Shakabei says:
    Bespoke and limited small run lathe cuts (from 1 to copies) on high quality audio discs. 5" / 7" / 8" / 10" / 12" black or clear, picture discs, even reverse cuts. A .
  5. Voodoolrajas says:
    Akhenaten married the noblewoman Nefertiti about the time he became pharaoh, in BCE. Nefertiti was a powerful queen who helped Akhenaten transform the Egyptian religious landscape. Together they had at least six daughters. Although it is unclear whether Akhenaten’s son.
  6. Tygoshakar says:
    King Akhenaten is one of the kings of the 18th dynasty, his reign lasted from B.C to B.C, his name meaning “Living spirit of Aten”, he was once called Amenophis IV which means Amun is satisfied, and he is also known as Akhenaton, Ikhnaton, and Khuenaten.. He ruled Egypt for 17 years from to BC after his father Pharaohs Amenophis III death at the end of his year reign.
  7. Mera says:
    Akhenaten is often represented as somewhat of a passive ruler when concerned with the military. Most other rulers went on some military expedition during their reign, and there's no evidence that Akhenaten ever accompanied the army on any expedition. In Year 12 there is a revolt in Nubia. Other pharaohs would have gone to Nubia to stamp out.
  8. Nigis says:
    The fifth year of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s reign was to prove a watershed moment in ancient Egyptian history. In a bid to break free from the shackles of the influential Amun-Ra priesthood, the ruler shifted the seat of administration to the new capital, Akhetaten, which .
  9. Mazur says:
    Pharaoh Akhenaten's in laws: Pharaoh Akhenaten's half-brother in law was Tutankhamun King Tut Pharaoh Akhenaten's son in law was Tutankhamun King Tut Pharaoh Akhenaten's father in law was Pharaoh Ay Pharaoh Akhenaten's mother in law is Tey Pharaoh Akhenaten's step-mother in law was Queen Ankhesenamun Pharaoh Akhenaten's step-grandfather in law was Pharaoh Akhenaten Pharaoh Akhenaten.

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